I refer to the recent attack on a CRPF convoy that took the lives of 40 soldiers, yes it must be dealt with strongly and I am sure Indian armed forces and the Indian Government will respond in time and on their terms.

But Let’s talk about What YOU can do as an Australian of INDIAN origin.

Donate to the Martys Fund

This is the fund setup by the government of India for the public to support the martyrs.

Write to Australian Government

Write to the Australian Government and Ministers asking Australia to Condem the Attack and break ties with Pakistan till it stops supporting Terrorism.

Details Below

Sign this Petition

Sign this petition , asking Australia to clos the Paki Embassy and end cooperation till this is achieved.

Join a Protest

Join an organisation or group of people that are doing something about this.

Here’s how you can write to the ministers responsible.  Use my letter to them as a template.   Write what you feel, be respectful and ensure that your members hear and feel your rage and your pain at this terrible attack.


Write to Any or all of the following who will have a Direct interest in this matter:

Foreign Ministry / International Affairs

Minister for Foreign Affairs<Foreign.minister@dfat.gov.au>
Minister for Foreign Affairs- Senate<C.Pyne.MP@aph.gov.au>

Minister for Trade Tourism and Investment<Mark.Coulton.MP@aph.gov.au>

Your Local Federal Minister

Western Suburbs MP federal Parliament<joanne.ryan.mp@aph.gov.au>
Member for Higgins Victoria – Eastern Suburbs<kelly.odwyer.mp@aph.gov.au>


Find yoru local member by entering your post code here :

Enter Post Code search here

Alternatively you can view a list of Senators or a list of Members.


For the record, I have done all the above and hence recommending the same to you.

My letter to the Federal Ministers, Use this as a starting point / template
As a federal minister, I’m hoping you’ll have some influence on Australia’s foreign policy.
It is surprising that given the Heinous terror attack that claimed the lives of 40 Paramilitary forces on India by a suicide bomber, there are no statements of support or condolence issued by the Australian government or the Opposition condemning Pakistan for supporting the head of the organisation responsible for these attacks.
Here’s what the Australian Indian Community would like the Australian Government to do in this regard.
1) List the JeM as a Terrorist Organisation (Already done by USA / CANADA and UK but not Australia)
2) Support India’s bid to the United Nations Security Council
3) Ensure all economic cooperation and aid given to Pakistan is halted till it stops supporting Terrorist organisations. 
It is no coincidence that the head of almost every single terrorist organisation has links back to Pakistan, all the way from Jaish-E-Mohammed, Haqqani Network, Taliban and Lashkar E Tohiba.
Here’s the info specifically on the particular organisation responsible for the current terrorist attack from ASIO :   Jaish E Mohammed

Listed by the United Nations or like-minded countries

JeM is listed as a proscribed terrorist organisation in the United Nations 1267 Committee’s consolidated list and by the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

At this time of need will Australia keep silent or do something in support of India ?