Are you still using 3 or 4 passwords all over the internet? chances are you have been hacked just as I was over a year ago.

I used to have different password for every bank and other important accounts and one password everywhere else on the internet. This was fine till I got repeated alerts from companies that their servers have been hacked and my password was compromised along with my email.

You can check if your email / password has been hacked by entering it here :  I had been pwned ;-(

Has your email been Hacked ?


What that means is hackers now have my email and the connecting password that I use almost all over the internet.

Big Problem

Solution: Enter the Ultimate Password Manager :

LastPass : The Ultimate Password Manager ever

I won’t go through the detailed tutorial, and set-up as they are already tons online and here’s a few, just remember that if you are worried about your passwords being hacked there’s no better security than setting a unique one for every single site that you need an account on.  Which is what I do now thanks to LastPass.

I won’t try to rewrite a userguide that’s been written a hundred times over but here are some more links Last Pass Setup Guide  and Getting started with LastPass

They have extensions for every browser that keep your passwords in Sync across all your computers and browsers.  Just make sure you turn on 2 Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator and you are all set to go.  Never remember a password again and still feel completely secure.